The panorama presents a view of five 4,000+ meter peaks, starting with Dufourspitze on the left, then Lyskamm (4533), the twins Castor (4223) and Pollux (4092), and Breithorn (4164). To the right of the Breithorn, the snow-capped dome near the center, is a short horn peeking up from the ridge, the Klein Matterhorn (3883).  Hidden in the clouds at the far right is the Matterhorn itself (4478).

In the panorama, eight upper glaciers feed the major Gornergletscher flowing down the valley – or used to; many no longer reach that far down and today only send water.  On the far left is the upper Gornergletscher.  It now ends before hitting its lower part; the trail reaches its toe.  Moving right is the Monte Rosagletscher and the Grenzgletscher, the major tributary feeding ice today.  Next come the Schwarzygletscher and the Breithorngletscher.  Then on each side of the Klein Matterhorn are the Triftjigletscher and the Unterer Theodulgletscher.

The picture below is a closer view of the core.  Below that are views of the 4000+ peaks.







Castor & Pollux








Finally is a view to give a sense of the scale.  Notice the tiny red spot on the far right of the picture (vertically in the middle).  That is Diane standing on a ridge overlooking it all.